STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence LLC, GA

WHAT Exceptional Excellence is a Employment Seeking App specially – designed to support disabled teenagers and adults with job seeking.

WHOExceptional Excellence was created by Delicia Williams a special education teacher in the state of Georgia. Mrs. Williams became an educator in 2007 after earning her teacher’s certification from the University of Georgia. Delicia is also the proud parent of an adult with Autism; She credits her son Jeffrey with giving her the motivation she needed while developing Exceptional Excellence Employment Seeking App.

WHENFrom March 2018 until December of 2022, Exceptional Excellence was a brick and mortar vocational rehabilitation service ; Originally named STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence, the Community-based special education program was converted into a mobile application. Exceptional Excellence is now a digital platform with in-app accessibility features offering vocational rehabilitation support.

WHYExceptional Excellence was developed to make a societal impact. Recent decades have seen a substantial increase in special education students. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics 7 million disabled students in the United States make up 14% of national public school enrollment. CDC estimates there are over 61 million people with disabilities in the U.S. It is the largest and fastest growing minority in America. Amongst these individuals there are those who have voiced their concerns about finding employment. Employment that would support them with living self-sufficiently that is tailored to their needs, thereby increasing their chances of retaining the  job for an extended period.

WHEREThe Exceptional Excellence Employment Seeking App is available @Apple App Store and @GooglePlay.  We encourage you to download this specially-designed app onto your favorite device! Whether you are an iPhone or an Android user, you can begin fulfilling your career and employment aspirations today! Over the years, you have faced several challenges, but you have also made many  achievements! This is your time! Invest in your future by downloading the Exceptional Excellence Employment Seeking App! Let Us Help You STRIVE

The founder of STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence LLC and the Exceptional Excellence App
The founder of STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence LLC and the Exceptional Excellence App