STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence Community based job fair hosted in metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia
STRIVE for Exceptional Excellence Llc hosted a community- based jobfair in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia (2022)

Are you trying to force individuals with disabilities to get jobs🤬?!

 No. But, I’m a firm believer that opportunity should be given to All! I became a teacher in 2007. What I remember the most about my certification journey is how important it was to develop activities that were differentiated.  The word differentiated was always written somewhere in the feedback given to me by professors or school administrators. They stressed the importance of implementing class lessons that accommodated Every student. So, when I saw a laughing face and crying emojis on my social media pages as comments to my post about inclusive employment, I started wondering if people thought that I was  trying to force individuals with disabilities to get jobs?! Again, the answer to that question is No. what I’m trying to do is make sure that employment opportunities are available to every person including those with disabilities. A few days ago,  I reached out to employers of  large and small companies asking them about possibly employing disabled teens and adults. Some companies had no response and others spent me an email with information from the u.s. Department of Labor Disability Division; My question was simply asking them if they would like to post job openings onto my App. An App specially-designed to help disabled teens and adults with disabilities. To be fair, these companies don’t know me. I’m not a brand (not yet 😬) but I was hoping that they would at least ask for more information. As a special education teacher, I know about information written in the law titled The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). I know that the law includes policies that talk about inclusion and discrimination in the workplace. And of course the IDEA law  helps many people, But the truth is that teens and adults with disabilities are still discriminated against and face inclusion issues. I know this because I’m the mother of an Autistic adult. I also have friends and family members with disabilities that struggle with finding employment. Many who have applied for jobs and  have asked for job assistant programs  to help them with job seeking, Most of the people I know have never received a call, and in some cases were placed on waitlist for over 10 years. I know how disheartening  it can be to want the same opportunities as your peers and not be treated any differently than anyone else. I know I can be a little sensitive, and maybe the people who posted those emojis on my Facebook page didn’t mean any harm 🙄, and I didn’t have my comments turned on so that they could really tell me how they feel, so I won’t hold it against them for making me feel like crap after posting about my Wonderful App 🥰 nevertheless, I still wanna know how people feel about inclusion in the workforce.  I wanna know how  people feel about technology, programs, jobs, etc developed  specifically for people with disabilities. I would like to know how people with disabilities feel about job seeking, vocational training, job retention. I would also like to know how employers feel about hiring people with disabilities. And, I want parents to express their feelings about their disabled  adult child entering into the workforce. Parents, Do y’all feel like there is enough programs readily available to help with inclusive employment? Let’s talk About. 

BTW- my name is Delicia. I’m the mother of 2 adults. My son was diagnosed with autism at 5 yrs old. He will be 30 this year (thanks if you looked at my profile pic and said I look young to be the mother of a 30 year old 🤣) Anyways, my son is gainfully employed at Egleston’s Children’s Hospital in Atlanta Georgia. My daughter is a doctor and a captain in the army. I’ve been married for almost 27 years, I love a good book, going to the beach, and  I love love love a good hearty belly laugh 💙💛 so, don’t be afraid to post a good joke (keep it clean tho🤪) 

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